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ioBridge makes it easy for professionals and enthusiasts to monitor and control nearly anything via their smart phone or web app using our general purpose web gateways. Trying the IO-204 web gateway evaluation kit or the tiny but powerful IO-201 Wi-Fi, which are available through our online store, are excellent ways to get started.

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Web Gateways

ioBridge offers a range of web gateways or modules that connect products and devices to the Internet. Our standard web gateways require an Ethernet connection and custom Wi-Fi. Zigbee and other wireless options are also available.

Gateway technology provided with ioBridge is available as off-the-shelf units that may be purchased through our online store or as technology that may be integrated into products to Internet-enable them. ioBridge’s gateway technology is cost-efficient and easy-to-use, and it typically does not require changes to network settings or firewalls.

General Purpose Ethernet and Wi-Fi Web Gateways

ioBridge web gateways include the original ioBridge IO-204, the IO-201 Wi-Fi, the Gamma Pro and the Gamma Pro Wi-Fi. Ethernet or Wi-Fi options are available, allowing for plug-and-play configuration and operation. Easily attach sensors or actuators to the Internet in seconds.


Sensors and Actuators

Access a comprehensive range of ioBridge-manufactured and third-party sensors and actuators that are compatible with ioBridge web gateways. These sensors and actuators are typically small circuits that plug directly into one of the web gateway channels.

ioBridge classifies its sensors and actuators into two types: Function Boards that use the analog input or digital inputs and outputs, and Smart Boards that extend the functionality of the web gateway.

Function Boards

Function boards are small plug-in circuits that use an I/O channel in its native I/O mode. It may use one or more signal lines (digital in, digital out, analog in). Function boards are typically paired with a matching dashboard display or widget, which is tailored to suit the function.

» Channel Tester (Test all I/O channel signal lines)

» Temperature Probe (Measure temperature)

» DPDT Relay Board (Actuate a relay from the digital output)

» Ambient Light Sensor (Measure light)

» Terminal Board (Adapt to screw-terminal-style connections with attachment points)

» Buzzer Board (Emit 2kHz tone at 85dB)

» Serial LCD (Display messages using any serial connection)

» Humidity Sensor (Measure 0% to 100% relative humidity)

» Ultrasonic Range Finder (Measure range)

Please visit our online store to browse or purchase ioBridge Function Boards.

Smart Boards

An ioBridge Smart Board extends the functionality of the host module and provides more complex functionality than function boards.

» Servo Controller Smart Board (IO-204 Only)

» X10 Smart Board (IO-204 Only)

» Serial Smart Board (IO-204 Only)

Please visit our online store to purchase ioBridge Smart Boards.


Mobile Apps

ioApp for iPhone

by ioBridge, Inc. [free]

ioApp by ioBridge, Inc. is a free application that lets ioBridge users access their ioBridge Widgets conveniently from their iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply download and launch ioApp to rearrange your widgets and customize labels. Download ioApp at no cost on the App Store. Click Here to view the ioApp tutorial.


iPhone app for ioBridge Widgets


ioApp for Android

by ioBridge, Inc. [free]

ioApp by ioBridge, Inc. is a free application that lets ioBridge users access their ioBridge Widgets from their Android device. ioApp supports both and user accounts. Simply download and launch the app to customize your dashboard by rearranging your widgets or creating your own widget labels. ioApp is available at no cost on Google Play. Click Here to view the ioApp tutorial.


Android app for ioBridge Widgets

ioBridge Temperature Widget for Android

by Paul Mancini [free]

The ioBridge Temperature Widget for Android by Paul Mancini is a free application that displays an ioBridge Temperature Widget right on your Android device. This widget is available at no cost on Google Play.


ioBridge Temperature Widget for Android


Professional Applications

ioBridge offers a complete line of products and services specifically designed for professionals. Our off-the-shelf modules and services provide exceptional flexibility and capability, assisting in the implementation of sophisticated Internet-enabled monitoring, control, and logging solutions without having to write custom software or develop custom web pages. Applications may also be developed in-house or by ioBridge on top of our own web technology to offer a fully customized solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

More more information please see our documentation, tutorials or frequently asked questions.

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