ioBridge API

IO-201, IO-204,  and Gamma Series APIs

The open ioBridge APIs are ways for you to extend the ioBridge technology and create new applications for desktops, web browsers, and mobile devices. These APIs are the public APIs that support the ioBridge IO-201, IO-204, IO-204-PRO, and Gamma.

Data Feed API

Retrieve your gateway data in XML and JSON formats for server and client side applications

JavaScript Widget Control API

Extend your widgets with AJAX and JavaScript from a web browser or mobile client

Static Widget API

Interact with your widgets without JavaScript – use HTTP POST/GET from scripting languages, web pages, web services, flash, and desktop and mobile applications

Serial API

Access every byte of data received by a Serial Smart Board

Serial Web Services API

Connect micro-controllers to web services via ioBridge, stock quotes, network time, weather, data logging, and Google Calculator

ThingSpeak API