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Gateway Models

ioBridge offers various Web Gateway models including the IO-204, the IO-201 Wi-Fi, and the Gamma PRO.

IO-201, IO-204 and Gamma PRO Series

ioBridge Web Gateways are input-output (I/O) routers that act as the interface between local devices or things and ioBridge’s servers on the internet (ioBridge cloud servers).   The ioBridge web-gateway has an Ethernet connection like a home computer that plugs into a local network and creates a connection to ioBridge’s cloud servers.  The ioBridge Web Gateways have I/O channels that enable the control and monitoring of digital inputs, analog inputs, serial data, servos, relays, and digital outputs using web-interfaces provided by ioBridge. » More Info

ioBridge Interface and Dashboard

ioBridge provides a common interface for its web gateway modules. From the interface, you can create custom dashboards, manage devices, setup alerts, create widgets, and setup data logging web services. » More Info

ioBridge Mobile Apps

ioBridge provides free user customizable Mobile Apps to create custom dashboard displays of ioBridge widgets. ioBridge Apps are available for iPhone and Android. » More Info

Web Gateway Configuration

Learn how to setup ioBridge Web Gateways, firmware versions, and interface descriptions. » More Info

Function Boards

Function boards are small plug-in boards that connect to a channel on an IO-204 and Gamma Web Gateways. Function board types include sensors, relays, and terminals to provide easy prototyping. » More Info

Smart Boards for the IO-204

ioBridge offers Smart Boards to extend the functionality of the IO-204 Web Gateway. » More Info

Compatible Hardware

In addition to sensors and function boards offered by ioBridge, a wide range of third-party sensors and actuators can be interfaced with the inputs and outputs on the ioBridge Web Gateways. » More Info


Widgets are used to control or monitor web gateway outputs on web or mobile user interfaces. » More Info

Expression Builder

Expression Builder makes it possible to apply mathematical expressions to sensor readings.  This feature enables users to scale analog readings to more meaningful values such as pressure or relative humidity. » More Info


Alerts are notifications sent to email, Twitter, or your ioBridge account. Alerts can be based of analog input values from sensors, digital input values, pulse counts, and variable values. » More Info

Server-based Actions

Server-based actions are used to connect gateways together or link inputs and outputs across the Internet. » More Info

Onboard Rules and Actions

Onboard Rules and Actions are used to turn ioBridge web gateways into local controllers even when they are not connected to the internet. Examples range from simple temperature controller type functionality to controlling larger systems like a cranberry bog. » More Info

Data Logging

Web Gateway inputs can be measured and stored for charting displays or for future download.  Logging data is stored in the cloud and is available through the free user interface. » More Info

ioBridge API

The open ioBridge APIs are ways for programmers to extend the ioBridge technology and create new applications for desktops, web browsers, and mobile devices. » More Info

IO-204 and Gamma PRO Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions


IO-201 Wi-Fi Web Gateway for Internet of Things Applications

The ioBridge IO-201 Wi-Fi Web Gateway is a single channel ioBridge device that connects to web services via a Wi-Fi network perfect for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications. A channel supports power, ground, a digital input, a digital output, and an analog input or serial communications. The IO-201 supports all sensor and control function boards from ioBridge but not smart boards. » More Info

ioBridge IO-201 Wi-Fi for Internet of Things Applications


Wireless Endpoints for the Gamma PRO

The ioBridge Wireless Endpoint PROs provide wireless extension for digital inputs and outputs (I/O) and serial data on the Gamma PRO Ethernet Gateway and are designed mainly for professional applications.  The Wireless Endpoint PROs integrate seamlessly with the way the ioBridge web gateways work to enable wireless monitoring and control of devices. » More Info

ioBridge Wireless Endpoint PRO

XBee Wireless Adapter for Gamma Gateways

The XBee Wireless Adapter connects to a Gamma Gateway via the expansion header and allows for XBee radios to connect to the Gamma and the ioBridge Wireless Endpoints for wireless sensor monitoring and actuator control. » More Info



You use ThingSpeak to Send and Receive “data” via simple HTTP requests, much like going to a web page and filling out a form. Data can be from anything — Blood Sugar Levels measured by a glucose meter, Server Usage and Uptime reported by servers, or Location Info from a mobile phone. Once the data is in ThingSpeak, you can build applications that retrieve the data, use the data for process decision-making, and reporting. ThingSpeak is open source for open source projects and can be licensed from ioBridge for closed source applications. Documentation for ThingSpeak is available on the ThingSpeak Community website.

GitHub ThingSpeak API - Open Source Internet of Things

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