Gamma XBee Adapter

Introduction to the Gamma XBee Adapter

The Gamma XBee Adapter board is an add-on board that plugs onto the Gamma and connects the serial of an XBee radio to the serial transmit and receive UART on the Gamma.  It is designed to provide a convenient way to interface XBee to the Gamma.  ioBridge uses the XBee Adapter board with our Wireless Endpoint technology but the XBee Adapter board is general purpose and does not require the Endpoint solution to interface XBee to the Gamma.  In addition, the Gamma Adapter Board includes a UART to USB adapter to facilitate configuration of the XBee using third-part Digi X-CTU software running on a PC.  The Gamma XBee Adapter board may be powered by either the Gamma or the 5V USB power.


The Gamma XBee Adapter is installed by plugging it into the Gamma as shown below.


The XBee Adapter board may also be used to connect the XBee via a USB cable to a PC.  The X-CTU program running on a PC may then be used to configure the XBee.


Serial messages sent to and from the XBee radio will be sent to the serial UART on the Gamma.  The Gamma baud settings must be set to match the XBee baud rate set using X-CTU.  Note that Onboard Serial should also be enabled and Signal Mode should be set Idle High.


The schematic for the Gamma XBee Adapter is as follows:

(Click to view)

Note the jumpers that may be used for line passing.  These connect I/O on the XBee to I/O on the Gamma channels as shown.  In normal operation the jumpers are not connected.  Please see XBee documentation for line passing operation. Please note that configuring XBee radio networks is beyond the scope of this documentation and is not supported by ioBridge and the reader is referred to Digi documentation.