PowerSwitch Tail


The PowerSwitchTail II (PST II) is used to safely turn on/off AC powered devices using the digital output pin on a microcontroller. The PST II has an internal normally open (NO) relay with a resistive switching capacity of 15A at 125VAC.


The PST has a status LED that indicates if the relay is closed or not. If the LED is red, then the relay is closed.

Connect the plug end into a power outlet and connect the device that you want to control in the receptacle end. Connect a microcontroller digital output pin via the adapter circuit to the +/- screw terminals on the PST. Using the example circuit below, the PST will turn on when the digital output pin is HIGH/ON/1 and off when the pin is LOW/OFF/0.

Control Options

With the ioBridge IO-204 you can control the Power Switch Tail II many different ways.

  • Digital Output Control Widget
  • Onboard Rule
  • Time-based Rule
  • Digital Output Pulsing
  • Widget Control API