Single channel 0 – 20 mA to 0 to 5V conversion module with 24V DC power supply

This function board converts a 0-20mA current to 0-5VDC into the analog input.  The conversion is performed using a 0.1% 250 ohm resistor.  The board includes a +24VDC on-board power supply that provides up to 80mA of current to power a 4-20mA sensor.

PLEASE NOTE: The 0-20mA board should not be plugged into a web gateway channel when the gateway is on as it may permanently damage the gateway.  Please connect the board prior to powering on the gateway.

The circuit diagram for this board is as follows:

Note that if you have a 4 to 20 mA sensor with its own power supply or if the sensor can run off 5 volts then all you need is a 250 ohm resistor:

0-20mA to 250 ohm connection