ioBridge Interface

The way you setup, monitor, and control things connected to your web gateway is through the ioBridge Interface. The interface is accessible by web browser and mobile devices. SSL is used to secure connections back to the ioBridge server.

Sign Up

ioBridge is no longer selling and supporting hardware. Free ioBridge accounts are no longer available.


Once you have signed in, the home screen is your Dashboard. From here you have secure access to the system and also you can show widgets and have direct links to your web gateways (modules).

You can rearrange widgets on your dashboard by grabbing them by their top bar and moving them.

ioBridge Dashboard


Depending on your user access level, you will have a series of tabs across the top of your interface.

Here are the most common section tabs of the ioBridge Interface:

  • Dashboard – customizable home screen for quick access to web gatewayss and widgets
  • Modules – table of your linked web gateways (modules) for access to configuration, monitoring, control, and linking new web gateways
  • Widgets – links to your created widgets for editing and the ability to create new widgets
  • Alerts – access to your ioBridge Alerts and links to create new actions and add messaging accounts
  • Actions – access to your system actions and events and links to create new actions
  • Profile – find your account number, change email or password, and edit your ioBridge user information


Linking a Gateway

If you have a new gateway, the first step is to link the gateway to your account. You will have to have physical access to the gateway and know the serial number.

  1. Under the Module tab, click “Link Module”
  2. Enter Serial Number (found on top label of web gateway) and click “Next”
  3. Press and hold the “Link” button on web gateway and click “Next”
  4. Enter the numbers that appear on the gateway

Password Recovery

One day you might forget your password and can’t sign in to the interface. There is a password reset feature available to you. We can’t recover your password, but we are able to reset your password. We do this by first sending you a confirmation email to the email address registered to the account. Then, you click on the confirmation link and a new password is sent to you.

  • On the Sign In Screen, click “Reset Password” on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Enter either your Account Email Address, User Alias, or Account Number and click “Send Reset Request”
  • Check your email and confirm the password reset request by clicking the link
  • Enter and confirm new password
  • Sign in with new password
  • Change your password