Smart Boards


An ioBridge Smart Board extends the functionality of the host module and provides more complex functionality than function boards. Smart Boards are only compatible with the ioBridge IO-204 module.

The following smart boards are currently available:

PLEASE NOTE: Smart boards should not be plugged into a web gateway channel when the gateway is on as there is a chance that static discharge or transient voltages may damage the IO-204 inputs.  Please connect the smart boards prior to powering on the IO-204.


Installation with the ioBridge IO-204 Module involves two steps:

  1. Connect the smart board to an open channel
  2. Select the corresponding channel mode on the “Modules” tab of the Interface

Once the proper mode is selected, the module should restart and sync with the smart board. There is a green LED on the smart board. When the LED is illuminated, the smart board is connected to the module properly.


Use the “Modules” tab on the interface to configure the settings for the smart board. Settings will vary by smart board type.