X10 Smart Board

Used in conjunction with the Powerhouse PSC04 X10 Interface Module (US, Japan), XM10E (Euro Plug), or XM10U (UK), the X10 Smart Board relays commands from the web to any X10 outlet in your home without running a dedicated PC or Server. The X10 Smart Board also includes the 6-pin cable to connect to the X10 Interface.

X10 Tutorial


  • X10 Powerline Outlet Modules
  • PSC04 Controller (ioBridge is an authorized reseller of X10 controllers)
  • ioBridge X10 Smart Board
  • ioBridge IO-204 Ethernet Module
  • X10 Interface Cable (included with purchase of the X10 Smart Board)


Interface Cable Details

Cross-over Cable

  • RJ11 (4P4C) or RJ25 (6P6C) Connectors – Only the center 4 pins are used
  • Pin-outs from left-to-right (when the tab is down/away)
    NC     1  ---  6  NC
    Black  2  ---  5  Yellow
    Red    3  ---  4  Green
    Green  4  ---  3  Red
    Yellow 5  ---  2  Black
    NC     6  ---  1  NC


Technical Details

  • ioBridge Part Number: SB-4