Web Gateway Configuration

Gateways are configured via a web browser supporting IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari on computers and mobile devices. Once a web gateway is linked to your user account on ioBridge.com, you can access your web gateway from the “Modules” tab.

From the configuration screen you can configure the web gateway, view channel inputs, and control channel outputs.

The configuration can be done through the Gateway (Module) subtabs.

Module Subtabs

Once on the Modules tab, there are 6 subtabs that allow for further configuration of your web gateway.

  • Channel – Set channel mode, messaging options, failsafe, triggering, labeling, analog scaling, and other settings.
  • Onboard Rules – These are rules that are stored and executed on the ioBridge web gateway. The can be preformed with or without an internet connection.
  • Location – Set the web gateway’s location in Latitude/Longitude and add a description of the location.
  • Network – View and set the MAC address and DHCP name.
  • API – Find your Data Feed API Key
  • Details – Find your web gateway’s Module Label, Serial Number, Model Number and Firmware Version.