Chart Widgets

The chart widget displays a chart that can be embedded in any webpage or displayed on your secure ioBridge dashboard. The data that the chart displays is from a data log.

Here is what a chart widget looks like on your free dashboard:

ioBridge Dashboard with an Advanced Chart

Creating a chart widget

Widgets → Create Widget → Chart

To create a chart widget, you first have to have a data log started for one of your channels.

After you have a data log, you can use the widget wizard to create a chart. Select the Widgets tab, click “Create Widget”, and select “chart”.

Chart Options

Once you have created your Chart Widget, you can select many options to customize your chart.

Number of Days

Use this option to select the number of days that the chart widget displays.

Chart Style

There are two styles of charts available: Original and Advanced. The original charts were the original charts included with your ioBridge account. The charts have been upgraded to support many new features, including axis labeling, chart types, local timezone support, and iOS and Android compatibility.

Chart Type

The advanced charts have many chart types available: Line, Spline, Step, Area, Column, and Bar. Depending on your application, you may find a chart type more suitable to represent the data. For example, if you are monitoring power or water, you may find that the Step or Column chart types might convey more information at a glance.

Line Chart

Line Chart

Spline Chart

Spline Chart

Step Chart

Step Chart

Area Chart

Area Chart

Column Chart

Column Chart

Bar Chart

Bar Chart


Chart Title

Optionally display a title on top of your chart.

Y-Axis Label

Optionally display a label along the Y-axis of your chart.

X-Axis Label

Optionally display a label along the X-axis of your chart.

Y-Axis Scale

Select between Auto and Fixed Y-Axis Scaling. Auto sets the Max and Min value of the Y-axis based on the data being displayed. Fixed allows you to set the Max and Min values of the Y-Axis. Default is Auto.

Y-Axis Axis Scale Max

Maximum value to be displayed on the Y-Axis, when chart is set to Fixed Y-Axis Scaling.

Y-Axis Axis Scale Min

Minimum value to be displayed on the Y-Axis, when chart is set to Fixed Y-Axis Scaling.