Consumer Products

Zodiac Pool Systems

Zodiac Pool Systems selected ioBridge’s low-cost connectivity platform to Internet-enable pool and spa controllers for home automation systems. Everything about the consumer’s pool or spa can be remotely monitored or controlled via a smart device. Using the RealTime.io platform powered by ioBridge allows Zodiac to offer the services to their customers for free. This is a huge benefit for the emerging Internet of Things and connected consumer products. The RealTime.io infrastructure enables lots of devices and apps to be connected on less back end equipment. Adding ioBridge technology to existing products or creating new products is much easier than with other solutions. This lowers development and support costs and stimulates consumer adoption of “connected products”.


Feed and Go

We were approached by Feed and Go to be their technical partner for a new concept they wanted to launch which allowed pet owners to not only feed their pets over the internet, but also to watch them via a webcam that was to be built into the actual feeder itself. We created a custom technical solution based on ioBridge’s patented technology, designed to the spec provided by Feed and Go, which fit perfectly with their requirements which included the capability of setting pet feeding schedules and watching pets eat live via any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pet feeders

We are looking forward to launching this product later on in 2013 with Feed and Go and working together with them to build further versions of the pet feeder.


Dan Luechauer and Linda Letourneau own a cranberry bog on Cape Cod. In order to protect their cranberries from frost damage in the spring, they use a sprinkler system to spray water on their plants to prevent cold air from damaging or ruining the crop for the entire year. Dan and Linda built a solution with ioBridge technology and cloud-services to completely automate and remote control their cranberry bog. For more information, download “A Case Study on Cranberry Bog Automation, Control, and Monitoring“.


Cranberry Bog Automation


Smart Cities

Geosynec created OptiRTC, a first-of-its-kind platform for managing water for city infrastructure. OptiRTC allows control systems to interconnect with cloud-services via ioBridge gateways. Legacy systems now can use weather predictions as sensor input to make optimized process decisions without complete overhaul. The partnership between Geosyntec and ioBridge is leading large-scale initiatives.


Energy Monitoring and Data Analysis

Aleka Design created an energy monitoring system for the Tana T6 Water Dispensing Machine. With the data collected over a live, in-use trial, Aleka was able to provide their customer detailed information about product usage and ideas for enhancement.



Brand and Social Media

The creative geniuses at Philter Communications created Tweet-a-Tweat using the iconic Beaver Gumball Machine and ThingSpeak. Philter recognized that social media tie-ins with physical objects is very valuable for brands and brand-awareness. Imagine sitting is a lobby waiting to be next. If you see a socially-enabled gumball machine, you immediately realize this place of business does have a social presence. To get the gumball, all you have to do is send Twitter post, hit Like on Facebook, or check-in on Foursquare. This ushers in a new category of products only possible with ubiquitous wireless and low-cost connectivity modules powered by ioBridge technologies.


Do It Yourself Projects

ioBridge users are building the Internet of Things from the ground up with brilliant projects. In some cases these projects have turned in to commercial products and professional solutions. Our technology can be applied in many ways and solve some DIY projects around the house or the office. Let your copier notify you when it’s time to have the toner replaced. Connect the weather forecast to your lawn sprinkler. Control your garage door from your smart phone. The ideas are endless and we are always excited about what you will do next. » ioBridge Projects