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    I also posted this over in the thingspeak forum, but hoping maybe it might catch the eye of an iobridge user who can shed some light.

    I’m playing with a cheerlights setup using an iobridge io-204 and an arduino. For now, just turning LEDs on and off with the color commands.

    Using the iobridge dashboard, via a serial widget, it works fine.

    I’m now working on setting up the twitter control, and running into issues. I’m guessing its some syntax issues that I’m just not getting right.
    Couple questions:

    For the body of the thinghttp app, is the iobridge widget ID entered within brackets or not?

    key=<ABCDE>,  or key=ABCDE, where ABCDE is the widget ID..?


    The trigger remains just as is, with the double%%?…from the docs, would appear that is the case.

    The cheerlights website indicates just 3 things need to be inserted..method, body, and url..wondering if something has changed on the thingspeak side over time requiring more?

    Also..on the tweetcontrol app…the trigger is purely the color? No hashtags or reference to cheerlights?

    I’ve dug thru the documentation, tried several variations, but still not getting a response from the iobridge…

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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