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    Dear users,

    I bought an IO-204 Monitor and Control Module (not the PRO) and some extensions from Roboshop one of the suppliers from Europe for an overrated price, I believe.

    Nevertheless, I don’t mind the price so bad, I know there are taxes and so on…but they could at least replaced the 110 V AC adapter. This wasn’t a big problem, looked through my stuff and found an regulated 5V 1.5 A  pws for Europe.

    Now I’m ready for the fun…plug the power supply and the Ethernet cable…I got LED D2 red and nothing on the LED display. Hmmm… I powered cycle the board…the same.

    Plan B – Hard reset. Power of, hold the link button, power on…rotating pattern…release the link button….the same.

    Hmm…Plan C – Write on forum and prey for a solution

    To provide you with more info I notice that the board is revision C.

    Measured the output of the board voltage regulator: 3.26 V looks ok.

    Quickly pressed the link button 3 times: nothing on the LED display.

    Noticed when I connect the Ethernet cable, LED D1 blinks for a very short time then stays off. Also, if I scan the network with an IP scanner sometime the D1 Led blinks for short period of time, but the IP scanner doesn’t detect nothing.

    Tried something else, I connected the IO-204 to my PC and configured the Ethernet adapter from my PC to obtain an IP automatically and I got with the subnet  I don’t know if helps.

    What I would like to highlight is that the LED display did not show nothing regardless the hard reset procedure.

    I know its a long post and If you guys don’t fall asleep while reading it please provide some ideas in order to make it go alive.






    Please email and we will see what options you have for replacement. We would love to get this up and working for you again.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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