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Check out the ioBridge Project Blog to see projects from ioBridge users. Hopefully you will find something that will inspire your next great project. One of the common themes of an ioBridge is diversity. ioBridge users are building the Internet of Things from the ground up with brilliant projects. In some cases these projects have turned in to commercial products and professional solutions. If you are just wondering where to start we recommend two things… look around for projects that inspire you and check out our Getting Started with the Internet of Things guide.

Users from the ioBridge Community have been fantastic about sharing their ideas and projects with others. We are excited to see the dynamic range of projects everything from beer pouring robots to iPhone controlled dog feeders. Our projects have been featured all over the Internet. On ioBridge Connect, we will share some of the projects to help you get started with ioBridge hardware and software.

Voice Activated Home Automation with Siri and ioBridge

Mark Hodder is pushing the limits of home automation by adding voice activated control via Siri on the iPhone. Mark is able to say, “Siri, I’m cold”, and his fireplace immediately fires up. He is using SiriProxy and the ioBridge IO-204 as an X10 gateway for his appliances.

TechCrunch lists Mark’s project as a “Top 5 Hacks And Mods Of 2011“. Check out the article for more cool Siri projects.

Visit the ioBridge Projects Blog and Mark Hodder’s website for more information.

Voice Activated Home Automation with Siri and ioBridge X10

iPhone Controlled Beer Cannon

Ryan Rusknak created the world’s first Internet and iPhone connected Beer Robot made from a mini fridge and an air cannon. Ryan is able to select his beverage of choice, aim, the fridge, and launch a beer with deadly accuracy. He is also able to monitor his fridge and adjust the temperature remotely. The “Mini Fridge Beer Cannon” has been featured on YouTube with over 1.2 million views, Popular Science, and even demonstrated live on TV.

Open and close your garage door over the Internet

ioBridge’s web gateways including the IO-204 or IO-204-PRO may be used with a third-party universal garage door remote and a third-party Internet camera to open and close garage doors over the Internet. Learn how to open and close your garage door over the Internet and watch it happen with a live video feed.

ioBridge Labs

ioBridge Labs is where we tinker on our own projects at ioBridge. We spend at least 20% of our time on new ideas and working with our own technology. See more projects at ioBridge Labs.

We are pleased to announce that our Tide Alerts project was selected as the people’s choice winner for the Best Internet of Things DIY Project of 2011 by Postscapes.

Best Internet of Things Projects of 2011

More Projects

Project Submission

Do you have an awesome ioBridge project to share? Let us know and we will feature your project here and on our blog.

Project Scholarship

Every month we give away one “Internet of Things” kit. If you have an idea for a project and don’t have the resources to get started on it, let us know. At the end of every month, we give away an “Internet of Things” kits based around our IO-204 product and cloud services to help jump start your idea.