Remote Monitoring and Control over the Internet with Local Automatic Control

This tutorial shows you a simple example of how to remotely monitor and control a humidifier over the internet. This example also shows you how to set up a humidity controller using on-board rules and actions that work even if your internet connection is disconnected.

Project Components

Step 1 – Plug in an X10 Smart Board and Connect the Humidity Sensor

Wire a Honeywell humidity sensor to the analog input of Channel 1 as shown in the Wiki under Sensors.

Plug in a X10 Smart Board (SB-4) into Channel 2 of an IO-204 module. Note that X10 is not compatible with the IO-204-PRO modules and a Relay or PowerSwitchTail may be used with a similar setup. Connect your X10 Powerline Interface (PSC04) to your module and plug it into a wall power socket. Plug your X10 Appliance module switch into the wall and then plug your dehumidifier into the X10 switch. Note your X10 codes for the next step.

Step 1 – Remotely Monitor Humidity

Using the following steps (similar to those shown in the tutorial Tutorial 2: Remote Temperature Monitoring and Display), set up remote monitoring of humidity and place a humidity gauge on your dashboard.

  • Create a new I/O monitor widget for your module for Analog Input on Channel 1 by clicking on the Widgets menu item and following the create widget wizard
  • Select and save the settings shown in the image below.


Step 2 – Set Up On Board Rules and Actions to Control Humidity

Click on the menu item Modules. Select your module and then click on the Onboard Rules tab. Follow the wizards to create the following two rules (using your own X10 codes) and click Sync Rules. Refer to Onboard Rules and Actions if necessary for more information on how to create rules.

That’s it!. You have set up your IO module to control your humidity between 50% and 55% and this is how it works.

The first rule:

Runs every 300 seconds (or 5 minutes) and checks to see if the analog input is greater than 513 and if it is it sends an X10 command to the X10 switch to turn on the dehumidifier. So why 513?

The Honeywell humidity sensor is connected to the analog input of channel 1 and referring to the Humidity Sensor Lookup Table a RAW analog value of 513 corresponds to a humidity value of 55%.

Similarly the second rule runs every 5 minutes and switches off the humidifier if the humidity is below 481 or 50%.

Note that the IO module will continue to control the humidifier even when it is not connected to the internet.

Using Expression Builder functionality it is possible to take this a step further by adding a control to the dashboard to enable the humidity value to be set.