Use ThingSpeak TimeControl to Schedule Control of ioBridge Widgets

Let’s say that you want to turn on your lights every day at 4pm. With ThingSpeak’s newest app called TimeControl, you can schedule actions to any ioBridge Widget.

In order to get started with TimeControl, you will need the following active accounts:

ThingSpeak TimeControl Examples

Create a new ioBridge Widget

  • Sign into
  • Create an ioBridge Widget and copy the Widget ID

ioBridge Widget ID

Create a ThingSpeak ThingHTTP

The first step to linking an ioBridge Widget to a ThingSpeak TimeControl is to create a ThingHTTP request. A ThingHTTP request will communicate to any web service API and we will use it to connect to ioBridge’s Static Widget API.

  • Sign into
  • Select Apps
  • Select ThingHTTP
  • Click “Create New Request”
  • Enter the following information:
    • Name: ioBridge Widget
    • URL:
    • Method: POST
    • Body: id=widgetID (replace with your widget’s ID)
    • Click “Update Request”

ThingSpeak ThingHTTP Setup for ioBridge Widget

Create a ThingSpeak TimeControl

Now that we have an ioBridge Widget linked to a ThingHTTP request, we can setup a new TimeControl. A TimeControl will run in the cloud and execute according to the time or schedule that you have specified. In this example, we are going to trigger the ioBridge Widget every day at 4pm.

  • Sign into
  • Select Apps
  • Select TimeControl
  • Click “New TimeControl”
  • Enter the following information:
    • Name: ioBridge Widget TimeControl
    • Frequency: Recurring
    • Days: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, and Sat
    • Action: ThingHTTP and select “ioBridge Widget
  • Click “Submit”

ThingSpeak TimeControl Setup for ioBridge Widgets

TimeControl Resources