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ioBridge licenses technology that makes it easy and cost effective to connect your product to the internet.  In fact, we’ve been Internet-enabling products since 2008. Unlike technology companies that only offer cloud platforms, ioBridge provides a complete solution to get you to market easily and fast that includes:

» Firmware or hardware modules to integrate into your product (the Iota series)

» Cloud server software and cloud services ( that connect your product to your mobile and web apps

» Optional mobile or web app development and optional server hosting

Enjoy flexible licensing models, with evaluation kits easily available. ioBridge has the expertise and technology to take you from concept to product Internet-connectivity in just a few weeks.

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ioBridge Iota™ and

ioBridge iota Wi-Fi and Ethernet Modules

The ioBridge Iota enables connectivity to Internet services and interactivity for anything you can imagine. The “Iota” is powered by the ioBridge Cloud — — making low-cost and high-scale applications interactive and intelligent. A connected product is more than just hardware; it’s the cloud services and applications behind the hardware.  That’s why ioBridge has tightly integrated cloud technology and hardware to make it the most comprehensive end-to-end solution to connect products to the Internet.

» Install as hardware module, firmware, or gateway. The Iota design is able to be installed as a prepackaged hardware module or ported to your existing platform using firmware. The Iota also powers gateways, allowing connectivity to many devices.

» Low-cost design. Everything from hardware to licensing and cloud services are cost-effective regardless of product scale. With development costs significantly reduced, we make it easy to integrate with your platform or create new ones.

» Wi-Fi or Ethernet SMD Hardware Modules. When using our drop-in hardware modules, you gain immediate connectivity to 99 percent of home network routers and typical business networks. You’re also ensured high encryption and secure tunneling to and from web services.


Why use ioBridge?

Gain a full suite of technologies that seamlessly integrate with cloud services and enable the “Internet of Things”. Working with ioBridge, you leverage extensive experience and intellectual property while positioning your company at the forefront of the competition.

» Easy to implement and operate. We focus on designing products that are easy to implement and operate. Typically, this means that no firewall or network changes are required. Firmware may be updated remotely, and support software tools are available. We further offer easy SSID and password configuration options for Wi-Fi enabled products.

» Rapid time to market. All of our core technology represents several years of development and refinement, which would require significant time, expense, and resources to develop in-house. Gain access to our patented technology complete with a host of unique features.

» Bring novel products and services to market. Your Idea or Existing Product + ioBridge means that you can bring a new product and service to market, maintain a powerful competitive edge, create a new class of service, create a strong revenue stream, and introduce a product opportunity for your business. We’re proud to have enabled thousands of customers and well-established companies worldwide, playing a central role in the development of innovative prototypes and products.

» Low-cost reference designs. Use low-cost microcontrollers in the $2 to $4 range rather than higher-cost processors required for Linux and other operating systems typically required for similar functionality to that offered by ioBridge’s technology. If you have an existing product with operating system and network connectivity, we can add instant cloud services using our embedded client.

» Highly scalable cloud technology with low operating cost per device in high volumes. Our servers are able to typically accommodate 100,000 devices each depending on the application. This equates to an extremely low cost per device, which is highly competitive versus a standalone embedded web server.

» Secure technology. Our technology is trusted by customers worldwide, using 128 bit encryption from cloud service to device.

» Flexibility. Unlike other technology companies, we never lock clients into subscriptions or require the use of our hardware or hosting services. You gain access to the ioBridge Cloud API if required to integrate with other systems and to develop custom extensions or applications.


Licensing and Support for OEMs

ioBridge offers flexible pricing models and we will work with you to tailor our offering to fit your particular needs.

Our standard  Iota and technology and services offering for OEMs includes a combination of

  • A one-time licensee fee per product or device
  • The option to for us to host and run our cloud platform as a service, or for you to license the server software and host it yourselves
  • Optional software maintenance
  • Support options that vary from free email developer support to 7×24 support with a one hour response time
  • Optional hardware reference designs and modules
  • Optional engineering services ranging from hardware design to development of custom applications

Note that we do not lock you into long-term platform subscriptions.   We understand that as an OEM price per product and time to market is very important, and that your customers typically do not like long term subscriptions.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to internet-enable your product and to get to market fast at a price that is very competitive.  Please contact for more information.



Custom Application Development

ioBridge provides exceptional custom application development services ranging from simple enhancements of our standard features to completely new user interfaces developed for the Web and popular devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Access to iAquaLink on any Device

Custom Hardware Design and Development

ioBridge provides custom hardware design and development services ranging from minor modifications and enhancements of our off-the-shelf modules to the design of completely new circuits required to Internet-enable your products. Collaborate with ioBridge to integrate with third-party protocols and sensors, real-time video, Wi-Fi, and other RF communication.

ioBridge can take your projects from prototype to product.

Microchip Embedded Cloud Partner

Microchip Embedded Cloud Design Partner Specialist

ioBridge is a Microchip Embedded Cloud Design Partner Specialist and we offer services and technology to design your connected product from the ground up using Microchip embedded technology.

Application Hosting

Our off-the-shelf products include dashboard technology hosted by ioBridge. For our larger customers, we offer licensing of our server technology with the option to have the servers hosted and managed by us as a software-as-a-service.

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